November 18, 2010

Waste Management closes industrial waste landfill

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Editor’s note: Waste Management contributed to this article.

Waste Management of North Dakota announced the closure of the Underwood MRS industrial waste landfill on Oct. 15. The facility, which accepted only inert industrial roll-off material stopped accepting waste on Friday, Oct. 15, and will proceed through capping and final closure procedures as required by State of North Dakota and Federal regulations for disposal sites. Waste Management will continue to provide the same service in the Bismarck and Minot areas, with residential and commercial trash collection occurring without any interruption. "The closure of the Underwood facility has absolutely no impact on Waste Management’s collection of municipal solid waste," stated Waste Management District Manager, Mitch Dahlstrom, "Our municipal trash will continue to be collected and disposed of at the McDaniel Sanitary Landfill, as it always has been. We expect no service disruption whatsoever." Waste Management will also continue to provide roll-off service and industrial waste disposal. These waste types, which were previously accepted at the Underwood MRS landfill will now simply shift to the McDaniel Landfill in Sawyer, North Dakota with no change in service or disruption experienced by these Waste Management customers.

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