March 25, 2010

Water treatment plant upgrade is on schedule

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The quality of the water that flows into your home depends on Washburn’s Water Treatment Plant. The third phase of upgrades on the plant is in full swing and according to Larry Thomas, city public works superintendent, it’s going smoothly. What’s been changed? Since the December start date the third phase is about one-third complete. Clarifiers: One of the clarifiers has been demoed and 90 percent of the new one is in place, according to Jasper Klein, design engineer for AE2S of Bismarck. Workers are waiting on a drive to come in next week in order to finish the clarifier. Thomas’ office has been moved from the middle of the building to the south side and a new wall has been put up to separate him from the noise and dust of the construction. It’s still not completely sealed so it is extremely loud at times. The middle of the building will now be used for two chemical tanks. That was the only place to put them without removing any equipment. A new garage door will help with bringing new tanks and other equipment into the building.

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