July 22, 2010

Water treatment workers install new membrane

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The human body is composed of 60 to 70 percent water. That fact makes water of utmost importance to us all. So when the new water treatment plant goes on-line in Washburn, it’s very important that it works and works well. Progress on the new facility is going as scheduled with the switch to the new membrane coming very soon. Crews installed the first of the membranes last week – a big step in the process of getting the new treatment center running. The first membrane contains about 30 cassettes that are each filled with tiny straws. Water is sucked through those straws to remove impurities in the water. Now that this membrane is installed the workers will be running water through it for several weeks to make sure that it is working properly and can handle the flow once the other filters are shut off and removed. The next step would be to install the other two membranes. "We want to make sure it is working, though," AE2S design engineer Jasper Klein said.

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