February 21, 2018

Weeda named transmission authority director

The former Director of North Dakota Generation at Great River Energy will get a chance to work with the company once again as he takes on a new role as the director of Transmission Authority for the state.
John Weeda, who spent
41 years at GRE and seven as the company’s operations director, was recently named the director of North Dakota Transmission Authority. Weeda, who retired from GRE last May, said his new role will allow him to take on part time responsibilities within the energy field.
“Basically, the Transmission Authority was established a number of years ago to work with entities who build and utilize electric transmission in the state of North Dakota,” Weeda told the Leader-News Tuesday.
Weeda, who was named director on Feb. 14, said he will be working with all North Dakota utilities, including his former employer.
“I will work with all of the North Dakota utilities -- Great River Energy, Basin, MDU, Xcel, all of the entities who own transmission lines,” Weeda said.
Weeda said the job has changed over the years with the push for renewable energy, but that it still provides vital oversight in making sure the North Dakota energy industry is developing and growing.

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