September 18, 2008

Weekend of celebration for First Lutheran Church of Washburn

By Danielle Abbott

In September, 1883 Reverend I.O. Scheie of Hudson visited the Washburn area. With him he brought the traditions and worshiping style of the Lutheran church. When the first service was held at the home of Ole Hammer, it is doubtful that the members ever expected their legacy to live on for the next 125 years. The original name was “Den Norske Evangeliske Menighed I Town of Sverdrup, McLean County, Dakota Territory”. Feeling that the title may be a bit long, it was unofficially shortened to “The Sverdrup Lutheran Church.” During the past 125 years, the First Lutheran Church of Washburn has seen many reverends, several name changes, and numerous different buildings and properties for worship. In 1884 the church received their first real property, when Jens Olson and J.P. Peterson donated a three-acre plot.

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