December 2, 2015

Weight room open to public


When Kristi Wachendorf moved from Bismarck to Washburn, she realized a big part of her life was missing - a gym. Wachendorf, who was used to lifting weights at the YMCA nearly every day of the week, suddenly found herself without a workout facility. But she was determined to find one.

"I discussed the option of opening the weight room with Mr. Rinas and was approved by the school board to begin opening it to the public and high school students," Wachendorf said in an email.

Wachendorf, a physical therapist who works in Garrison, was thrilled. She said that, as far as she knows, this is the first time anyone has ever volunteered their time to open up the weight room to the public. It’s something she finds important when it comes to students exercising regularly and safely.

"I wanted to include opening the weight room to high school students as well, so they have the option to come in and utilize the equipment after school hours," Wachendorf said. "Also, having the education and experience with strength and conditioning, I wanted to assist the students working on appropriate technique and safety with specific lifts to prevent future injury."

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