January 1, 2009

Welcoming the New Year

With the dawn of every new year comes the time to begin looking towards the future, and 2009 is sure to be the same. With the countless New Years Eve traditions around the country and world, many people find themselves celebrating at the stroke of midnight. Whether you spend your first inaugural hours of the new year enjoying yourself with friends or relaxing with family, or even soundly asleep, it is certainly a milestone of every year. Along with the festivities comes another part of the new years holiday: resolutions. It is estimated that 100 million Americans make a new years resolution every year. For the past two years, America’s top resolutions include losing weight, saving money and getting out of debt, spending more time with family, quitting smoking, quitting drinking and helping others or volunteering. While 100 million is an astoundingly high number, it is estimated that only about 40 percent actually keep their resolutions. No matter what you decide to give up or take on for the new year to come, there are several key tips to success. To start off, set the bar fairly low for yourself. Don’t expect dramatic immediate changes, and create resolutions that are actually realistic and within reach. Secondly, take the time to tell all of your friends and family of your resolution. The more people that know your goals, the more you will have to help push you along the way or alert you when you have fallen behind.

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