October 30, 2013

Wiese women plan annual God’s Child trip


   After a two-week trip to Antigua, Guatemala, this August, Jill, Kayla and Ashley Wiese-Stewart agreed that once was not enough. It wasn’t some trip where the gals laid on the beach sipping cool drinks all day. They were there to serve others. Specifically the poor and disabled natives of the island.

   In fact, Kayla, 21, had already been to this area three times in the last four years and is the one that led the charge to bring her mom and sister to help the beautiful people there. She was brought there through Sam Coleman at Charity Lutheran Church in Bismarck.

   The last two times that Kayla has returned she has come home with news that the family would be supporting a new godson. First Lester Gregario and next Danny Bocel. She worked with the God’s Child Project and the Dreamer Center School to bring a smile to the children of these places.

   "Antigua, Guatemala, is a very poverty/poor stricken area of the world," Jill said of the area. "Although these people are so incredibly poor, they are extremely happy and work very hard for very little."

   Patrick Atkinson visited the area 24 years ago after a terrible civil war there. He decided to devote his life to helping get those children a place to live, medical care, get them in school, and living in foster homes etc.

   He started the "Dreamer Center" school in a city garbage dump.

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