March 10, 2011

Wilton 25-year plan moves forward

By Brenda L. Schaefer, BHG News Service

Wilton city commissioners participated in the issues identification phase of the 25-year plan. SRF Consulting invited zoning members to join in the conversation during the March 2 commission meeting. SRF planners Cindy Gray and Stephanie Falkers explained that they have been working on draft materials, specifically data collection and maps prepared to indicate the direction the planning will be taking. Gray said, "We have been fine tuning data collection, verifying maps, driving around Wilton, noticing things that need to be tweaked and changed." Wednesday’s meeting was their chance to kick off the plan and begin the process. Gray paired zoning participants, Lois Gordian, Bill Pulley, and Steve Bernhardt with commissioners to identify three issues that Wilton should be trying to preserve and three issues which are areas of concern for the future.

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