September 28, 2011

Wilton and Cenex try to clear up property line issue

By Brenda L. Schaefer, BHG News Service

The sign for Wilton Cenex lies on property belonging to the City of Wilton. But when ND DOT began investigating accidents on Minnie Ave. and the frontage road, and marking the DOT right-of-way, there was another issue that needed to be cleared up. Both Cenex and the City of Wilton were informed that the first pump and the fuel tank underneath the pump may also belong to the City of Wilton. Bernie Schafer, manager for Cenex and Mayor Ron Peck explained to commissioners at the Sept. 21 meeting that NDDOT marked their right-of-way, Cenex’s right-of-way, and the city’s right-of-way which indicated that the Cenex sign, first set of pumps, and tank are on city property. Schafer said, “Nobody remembers if the area in question was vacated. Cenex was given permission to put their sign up on city property, but nothing is noted whether or not the property was transferred to Cenex for the pumps and tank.” Peck told commissioners that NDDOT is willing to quick claim the deed to the city, then if commissioners are willing, a wedged portion could be quick claimed to Cenex. He said that the frontage road will remain under city ownership. Commissioners approved moving forward to quick deed the wedged portion to Cenex once it is plotted up.

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