March 28, 2012

Wilton Farmers Union Elevator Co. plans annual meeting

By Michael Johnson, Editor

There's a lot to be proud of at the Wilton Farmers Union Elevator Co according to the locally owned cooperative's board members and general manager. The cooperative is going to be sharing some of their pride and wealth at the annual meeting next Monday. It will be the 56th annual meeting, and according to the general manager Brian Guderjahn, things keep looking better for the cooperative. Guderjahn has been on board as GM since 2004 and has seen growth every year on the job. “The cooperative's net income has increased every year,” Guderjahn said. With that, the patron equity has also increased. The co-op's most popular commodity is spring wheat but they can handle all commodities from the region. The cooperative serves areas in Wilton, Washburn, Regan and surrounding areas. The biggest limiting factor for the co-op is that it depends largely on the railway system to deliver the product all over the nation.

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