February 3, 2011

Wilton landowners prepare for transmission line

By Michael Johnson, Editor

A 260-mile Minnkota transmission line starting in Center and heading north east to Grand Forks could be moving on as planned once an environmental assessment is approved. As of now, it’s not a question of if it will be installed. The question is when and where, according to Chad Weckerly, a landowner-organizer talking to landowners along the proposed route of the transmission line. That question has landowners all along the three proposed routes preparing so that if they have to have the transmission line on their land they will get it where they want it. Weckerly, a Hurdsfield resident, got involved because the transmission line would go over about four miles of his land. He wants to make sure he and everyone else along that line are treated fairly. When he heard what was happening he wanted to get out and inform landowners of what the transmission line meant. With help from the North Dakota Farm Buruea he has been able to do that. He has made five stops so far on his tour along the route. He said the Wilton crowd, about 50, was the largest crowd they had come across so far. A symbol that showed just how concerned landowners in this area are.

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