May 12, 2011

Wilton negotiates farm hydrant use

By Brenda L. Schaefer, BHG News Service

Local farmers were a bit up-in-arms about the decision of Wilton Commissioners at the April 20 meeting to discontinue farm access to city hydrants to fill water tanks used to spray their fields. A half-dozen or so of the concerned farmers asked to be heard at the May 4 meeting. Commissioners welcomed the dialogue with the farmers so that the concerns of Wilton residents could be heard and addressed. Mayor Ron Peck explained that the intent isn’t to ban access to the water hydrants to farmers. Local residents have noted that when farmers bring in the tanks to be filled, the sprayer and chemical are still attached. Peck said, “We have had reports of people filling the tanks and the splash on the curb has been reported. The concern is that there is chemical on the vehicles and residents aren’t sure if there is spillage of the chemical. Their children ride their bikes through that area and they want to know that it is safe.” Commissioners asked that the farmers use a hydrant located on the outskirts of Wilton, rather than use one that is located in a residential area. Lowayne Krush affirmed that the only spillage is water and it is completely safe. He asked if the farmers could use the same hydrant at Cenex that the wind tower people used.

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