January 31, 2018

Wilton revisits summer program

After plans for a summer program fell through in 2017, the Wilton School Board is discussing how to make the idea reality this year.
Superintendent Amanda Meier urged being proactive and efficient when evaluating the possibility of launching an extracurricular camp at the school this summer, stating that it is important to be a part of plans parents are starting to make.
“If we’re going to try and do it, we need to do it earlier,” Meier said, adding that many families have summer vacations set in stone by February.
Meier said in order for the summer program to be fiscally practical, even financially self-sustaining, participation was vital. Last year’s program was called off after preliminary numbers fell short.
School board president Lodee Arnold said she agreed it would be ideal to have the program fund itself, but that the school would be willing to chip in, especially in early years.
“It’s nice if it can self sustain, but I think we can have the district pay some until we get to that point,” Arnold said.

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