February 15, 2012

Wilton School spending one-time money

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Additional money in the school allowed for the purchase of 80 more iPads, four carts and 18 laptops to raise the technological capabilities among students. The cost was about $56,300, to be taken from the general fund. School board member Bill Harris said that initially he had his doubts about bringing in iPads to all the kids, as he was unsure of the educational value. After seeing the ways that his own children are learning and enjoying it, he is convinced that if used right, they can be very beneficial in the classroom. “I was pretty impressed with them,” Harris said. He only questioned whether it should be iPads only in the school, compared to other devices. Director Jennifer Heilman suggested a Toshiba product. “We’re half buried into this iPad-wise,” Superintendent Craig Johnson said. The board decided that they would continue with iPads at this time.

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