October 19, 2011

Wilton School supt asks for contract buyout

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The Wilton School Board approved a $2.6 million budget on Wednesday night but the crowds didn’t form to hear how much taxes they’d be paying. The board also approved the hire of a new kindergarten teacher in order to fill an immediate need. But that didn’t bring much attention either. Wilton residents filled the room to hear discussion of superintendent Craig Johnson’s contract and talk about board member Bill Harris’ actions separate from the board. Johnson chose to go through all other agenda items before discussing his contract. Johnson explained that he had spoken with board chairman Cameron Boechler about getting out of his contract that was to last two years and eight months longer. Here’s what he had to say: “I have approached Mr. Boechler about the possibility of getting bought out of my contract. I am under contract through June 30 of 2014 – two years, eight months. With the current board that is in place, I do not feel that this is moving in a positive direction for the school district as a whole.

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