November 18, 2010

Wilton School supt. faced with petition, possible open meeting violation

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Whether they were hoping to see some drama or just get answers, the public filled the computer lab at the Nov. 10 Wilton school board meeting at the Wilton School. Items of interest to the crowd included a petition to delay the extension of Superintendent Craig Johnson’s contract as well as an alleged open meeting violation. Stephanie LeDoux presented the school with a letter of petition to delay renewing Superintendent Craig Johnson’s contract. She instead wanted to see a parent, community and staff survey of Johnson’s job performance. In a five-day span she managed to get 51 signatures from Wilton residents in favor of the petition. LeDoux said her reason for starting the petition was because she had her concerns about Johnson’s performance and she was asked by other concerned residents if she would be willing to start a petition. Each director looked over the petition briefly and President John Thompson said the information would be taken into consideration. The board members then voted in favor of extending Johnson’s contract.

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