January 25, 2017

Wilton shop burns down

A large shop building off of 80th Street south of Wilton was destroyed last week after a wood-burning stove apparently ignited a fire.
A blaze that began at about noon burnt down a two-and-a-half story building in rural Wilton on Jan. 19. Little was left by the afternoon, with most of the structure turned to ash as a few supporting boards still burned as firefighters stood watch.
No one was hurt in the blaze, which responders said could have ended much worse if they hadn’t been fast enough. Residents and firefighters had cleared out the bottom floor of the shop quickly, removing a plethora of tools, including several propane and welding tanks that could have caused a large explosion.
The flammable tanks were only part of the challenge facing those responding to the fire, which was located on a narrow rural road that only allowed one lane of traffic. Firetrucks were forced to back all the way down the mile-long road to the house, as there was not a wide enough spot for them to turn around.

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