April 17, 2013

Winter storm delays spring

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Snowfall amounts over the weekend added up to a huge mess for residents as most in the area saw anywhere from a 1 to 2 feet of heavy drifted snow. Schools closed, events were postponed and spring looked even farther away then it did two months ago. Winter Storm Xerxes cut through the state and dealt a heavy blow to this region in particular. The National Weather Service reported 12 inches of snow in Washburn, while some areas of Bismarck had up to 23.5 inches reported over the two day period. In contrast, Kenmare observers only reported 1 inch. The National Weather Service also reported that the wet snow added up to about 1 inch of water in 13 inches of snow. The storm closed US Hwy 83 from Bismarck to Underwood and I-94 from the Minnesota border to the Montana border up until Monday morning. The storm even prompted the IRS to delay the closing date for filing taxes and waive late penalties, “provided taxpayers file the return or pay the tax within a reasonable time after the power outages and transportation problems have been resolved,” an IRS release stated.

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