July 28, 2015

Yard of the Week: Featuring pink and purple petunias

By Cheryl McCormack

"A hardy annual bloom."

"A nightshade family plant."

"A brightly colored funnel-shaped flower."

No matter what you call the species better known as a "petunia," you are sure to find pots and planters overflowing with the beautiful bloom at 1034 Heritage Drive, Washburn.

Bill and Sharon Wald were recently selected for "Yard of the Week" recognition by the Washburn Study Club. Take a stroll through the couple’s neighborhood and you’ll see (and sniff) why. After all, hundreds of pink and purple petunias are hard to miss.

"I like petunias because they are easy and cheap," Sharon said. "We change colors every year, but usually plant a shade of purple."

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