February 13, 2013

You will pay: Costs of street repair to be city-wide

By Michael Johnson, Editor

In an attempt to simplify the process of fixing streets in the city of Washburn, the city commission voted Monday night to expand the assessment boundaries to encompass the entire city. In the past, those areas that needed work received most of the assessment as they benefited the most from the improvement. Now everyone will be considered part of the assessment as the special assessment committee decides how to divide out the cost. The cost to replace sewer and water lines on the streets being repaired will still be paid in full by those residents that directly benefit. AE2S design engineer Jasper Klein updated the commission on the progress of the improvement plan on Monday and he needed them to agree upon the six different repair districts outlined. As written, those near the improvements would have paid the whole of the cost. After much discussion, the commission decided that, while it should have been implemented years ago, now was the time to start implementing citywide assessments instead of approving the districts. Klein agreed that citywide assessments make it easier for the engineers to plan the district when it includes the entire city. He added that by doing this the city should put together a plan to gradually fix each street in town so that, as everyone is paying, everyone will get a new street eventually.

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