June 24, 2015

Your days are numbered, scum!

By Cheryl McCormack

With the temperatures rising, the Wilton pond’s scum-free days are numbered. "It was scumming up the other day ago," Mayor LeeAnn Domonoske-Kellar said. At last week’s meeting, city commissioners once again discussed their options.

Prairie View Landscaping advised the city that because chemicals have washed into the pond over time, a chemical treatment is necessary to eliminate the scum; an aerator alone will only kill the smell.

Commissioners agreed chemical treatment is the way to go. "I think we should try the chemicals first," Commissioner Joel Middaugh said. "If worse comes to worst, we can revisit the issue next year."

Auditor Pattie Solberg questioned if just dumping the chemicals in the pond is enough. "Do we need something to circulate the chemicals?" she asked. Engineer AJ Tuck agreed with Solberg and said, "It’s like dumping creamer into coffee, it doesn’t do a lot of good unless you stir it."

No action was taken and the discussion was tabled. Domonoske-Kellar said, "A decision will be made by the next meeting."

Allisa Breding appeared before commissioners to request an extension for re-siding her trailer home, which was moved into Wilton’s trailer court last year. At the June 18, 2014 commission meeting, Breding agreed to re-side and re-skirt the home by July 17, 2015. She recently received a letter in the mail warning her of the upcoming deadline.

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