March 16, 2016

Bulldogs end Cardinals’ season

BHG News

The Bulldogs of Flasher had a bone to pick with Washburn boys basketball team after Washburn beat the Bulldogs in Flasher on Feb 4. Flasher had the lead in that last game, heading into the final seconds of the game, when Washburn was able to tie the game up and send it to overtime. Washburn beat Flasher in double overtime which left a sour taste in the mouth of Flasher leading up to their matchup with the Cardinals in the Region 5 tournament.

The game plan implemented by head coach Derek Seiler was simple: "We’re going to chase Marion and Gabrielson."

The two combined in their first matchup for 45 of the 62 points scored - almost 73 percent of the scoring for the entire team. Seiler rallied his troops, as did head coach of Flasher before the game. The stage was set for a great match up in the Class B Region 5 quarterfinal.

Washburn, from the outset, made it clear that they would trap the two prolific players from Flasher and give up open looks from the rest of the team. The Cardinals would open with a 4-0 run right out of the gates. Marion had trouble in the first quarter receiving two fouls and having to sit on the bench for most of the it. Zach Schell had 4 points in the first quarter as the Cardinals had the lead at 9-8 heading into the second.

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