May 8, 2013

Cardinals boasting three region wins

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Things got off to a slow start, but there’s no doubt that the Washburn-Wilton-Center-Stanton-Wing baseball players are moving in a positive direction as the season heats up. The team knocked out three more games last week and will add another four this week as they seek to earn some playing time before regionals. The team played Hazen at home on April 26 and scored enough runs to earn the upper hand as the teams would have been tied. The 13-2 finish showed that, given the right openings, the Cardinals can still prove themselves in the region. The team threw together a stellar performance against Hazen as they put together a seven-hit streak in the fourth inning to pull ahead. Coach Kip Erickson said that the team played very well and gave credit to senior Sam Goos for stepping up and throwing a solid game.

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