January 13, 2011

Cardinals bring McLean County championship back to Washburn

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

It wasn’t exactly the district tournament, but if the McLean County tournament held in Underwood last weekend was any indication, the Washburn Cardinals can feel at least a little optimistic about how they fared in the post-season practice run. Blowing through the Hazen JV in the first round, the Cardinals got a scare from the Max Cossacks in overtime of their semifinal game. Prevailing in the extended quarter, Washburn came into the championship game on Saturday looking like a different team, outclassing the TL-M-M Trojans to take first place. If this was a different kind of court, the Hazen JV team might have been better off pleading no-contest when they came up against the Cardinals in the first round. The first quarter ended 17-2 as Washburn lay on the points early and often. The game didn’t get much better from that point, with the Cardinals eventually doubling up the Bisons’ final score 53-26. Spanky Clayton’s 21 points led the way for Washburn in the first game of the tournament.

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