January 17, 2018

Cardinals go two for two

What started out with a slight hiccup for the Cardinal girls quickly turned into a victory last week when Center-Stanton paid a visit to Washburn.
The Cardinals had a bit of a slow start against the Wildcats Jan. 9, with Hannah Retterath’s two three-pointers accounting for most of the points in the first quarter. The home team managed a two and a single free throw to round up nine, but ended up a few shy of Center-Stanton, who went into the second with a 12-9 lead.
The lead wouldn’t hold, though, as the Cardinals dusted themselves off in the second, making up the deficit with 12 points of their own. Washburn slowed down the Wildcats slightly, allowing the Cardinal girls to get a leg-up and a 21-20 lead at half.
Washburn continued to pick up speed in the third, stealing some twos and then another three from Retterath. Center-Stanton faltered a bit, only making two shots in the third, but benefitting slightly from some Washburn fouls that handed the Wildcats a handful of free throws. The Cardinals would make a couple free shots of their own and head into the fourth at 36-31.

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