September 4, 2008

Cardinals, Miners clash Washburn wins 52-8

Cardinals, Miners clash Washburn wins 52-8 With a 0-1 record for both Washburn Cardinals and Wilton-Wing Miners, Friday’s game was bound to be interesting. Both teams have struggled with numbers this year, but Wilton-Wing has been harder hit, with a 16 team member roster. Washburn’s experience showed, and their 52-8 win hurt. For the Miners Head Coach Jeff Frank, it was a tough game to watch and even tougher to talk about. “The game got a little out of hand,” said Frank. “Defensively, we couldn’t stop their big plays. Offensively, we had some nice drives early in the game.” Execution was the key for the Cardinals. They continued to connect for the score with at least two touchdowns in each of the first three quarters, and one in the last quarter. Washburn head coach Pete Moe said, “The team that was able to jump out in front early, which we were able to do, had a big advantage. We were fortunate to get a couple touchdowns early.” Wilton-Wing senior, Zach Johnson, stepped into the position of quarterback for the Miners, his first year in that position. It was a similar experience for his teammates, trying to fill positions for the first time with a much reduced team from last year. For Wasburn, senior Kyle Sailer led the team in points, by scoring three touchdowns. Sailer also accumulated the most rushing yards during the game. Frank said, “We ended up getting killed by the boys not executing the plays properly, off sides as well. We had a couple of plays going to our tight end that could have gone for touchdowns, but we just didn’t get the pass there.”

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