February 21, 2018

Cardinals ride three-pointers to victory

The Washburn Cardinals took leaps and bounds up the scoreboard during their game on Thursday, collecting over half of their points from the perimeter.
Washburn hit double-digit totals for three pointers in their match-up against Harvey last week, roped in ten during the home game. Over half of those shots were from Senior Trevor Schreiner, who made a quick three to open up the game. Schreiner would continue to pump out the big shots, taking two more in the first quarter alone. Another three from Tate Bertolotto and a couple of twos and the team would be up 17-10 at the end of the first.
The team would continue to find success from the perimeter, taking another six threes before the final buzzer. In total, the Cardinals would make 30 points off of the three pointers, with Schreiner accounting for 18 of them with six threes of his own.
Harvey would average about 10 points per quarter, mainly off of twos and free throws, using the slow and steady tactic to tie the game at 31 at the end of the third. The Cardinals would take a few more threes and some spare free throws to just edge out Harvey 49-42 in the end.

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