May 20, 2010

Chasing tom turkey in the Missouri Valley

By Michael Johnson, Editor

Deep in the oak studded coulees not far from the Missouri River are some of the smartest animals known to the average hunter. The turkey. They are escape artists with great eyesight and the tendency to run at the first sign of movement. That’s why it takes someone with the know-how of a turkey to hunt one. Scotty Price, an avid turkey hunter, has been chasing after these birds for about three years now and he’s on his way to understanding just how the mind of a turkey works. He realizes he may never fully understand the turkey, but he’s always ready to give it a try. One overcast Sunday, 14-year-old Scotty went out south of Washburn with a turkey tag and a plan to take his first turkey with the bow and arrow. To prepare for such a hunt Scotty practices shooting his bow regularly. He feels confident with his weapon and would choose it over a gun most any day.

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