March 12, 2009

Cold shooting plagues Cardinals, ends season at region tourney

By Danielle Abbott

After proving themselves at the district tournament, the Cardinals took to the road on Monday. In their sights was the Region V tournament, located at the massive Bismarck Civic Center. The journey there was a winding one for Washburn, with a successful season and some heavy hitters on the court. But waiting for the Cards on the other side of the gymnasium doors waited the Standing Rock Warriors, and much to the Cardinal’s dismay, the Warriors came hungry and refused to give mercy. "We knew what to expect from Standing rock, as far as the tempo that they would play," said head coach Trevor Sinclair. Their months of practice, games and drills lead them to this match-up, and as hard as they worked on the court, the numbers just didn’t lay in the Cards favor. The game started off slow for Washburn, only taking in eight points in the first quarter. Compared to the Warriors’ 22-point gain, the Cardinals knew they had to jump into action if they wanted any chance of advancing to the next round of play. The second quarter came and went, adding only another eight points to the Cardinals board, while the Warriors roped in another 22. "We didn’t have an answer when they needed it, when they went on their scoring runs," Sinclair said of the Warriors’ consecutive scoring.

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