June 15, 2016

Dickson, Weisenberger, Koski all region

BHG News

Teams set goals every season, and while it can be a great motivator, many fail to reach their goals.

This season, these girls set goals and achieved almost of all of them. The young Jade Koski became a force for hitting and improved greatly in fielding. McKenna Weisenberger became the confidence boost when her team needed it and Tonya Dickson’s ball control on the mound created a great combination for the team to rise to new successes.

Weisenberger and Dickson received all region selections while Koski received honorable mention. Weisenberger went on to become an all-state selection and one player’s story would have never come fruition if it wasn’t for a certain basketball coach.

"I would like to thank Lisa Jenkins for pushing me to go out for the sport in 2014," Dickson said.

Jenkins must have seen potential in Dickson to become a good player in softball. She developed her skills both offensively and defensively, but couldn’t have done it without some help.

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