December 31, 2009

Eligibility investigation underway

By Alyssa Schafer, Editor

Allegations of an athletic eligibility violation have a Washburn High School basketball player sidelined. Until a North Dakota High School Athletic Association investigation is completed, this eligibility issue remains unresolved. While there is no violation on record at this time, there has been a call for an investigation, NDHAA Executive Secretary Sherman Sylling said. Center-Stanton School representatives filed a complaint against Washburn for allowing a sophomore student, whom they believe to be ineligible for varsity competition, to play in a varsity game. All open-enrollment students are immediately eligible for sub-varsity competition, but unless they are freshmen, they must be in the the school district for 180 school days before they are allowed to compete in varsity competition, Washburn School Superintendent Brad Rinas said. However, student athletes are immediately eligible for varsity competition when their families move into a school district and and establish a new residence, he said.

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