March 7, 2012

Girls Region 5 Tournament first round results

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

The Region 5 Girls Basketball tournament kicked off on Monday with teams clashing in the Mandan High School gym for a shot at a state tournament appearance. The opening day of the Regional favored the teams from District 9 as they brought down their District 10 counterparts to the tune of 3-1 with only Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky moving on to the semi-finals. In Monday’s first game, the Max Cossacks had a less than enviable task of trying to unseat Regional favorite Grant County. The start of the game came with a flurry of points for both teams and the Cossacks kept pace with the Coyotes at first with a fast off-the-dribble attack by Whitney Huesers and shooting support by McKayla Huesers. However, it wasn’t long before the offensive force of the sisters Bentz, Sydney and Ashley, completely took over the game with a well-oiled rhythm that made the Coyote team look hitch-less.

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