May 26, 2011

Girls win championship at Regionals

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

The complete domination by the Hazen Bison girls of the regional track meet has finally come to an end. The Hazen girls’ winning streak of 20 years has been challenged by the Washburn-Wilton squad in the past as they took second place the last four years. But this was the year they finally got over the hill. “It’s hard to express in words the feeling as the girls finally captured the title of Region 5,” said Southern McLean track coach George Levey. “All the girls showed up and gave stellar performances in the throwing, jumping and running events.” Coach Shayla Sinclair, also riding high after the meet, said, “It is impossible to find the words to describe the overwhelming emotion all of us felt when we were waiting to hear the point totals and then heard our team announced as the champion team. It was a memory we will always cherish.” The coaching staff took a look back at the record books and couldn’t find the last time either school in the Southern McLean co-op had won a regional meet. It could very well be their first ever. “Other teams were just as happy for us, coming up and congratulating us, which was neat,” said Coach Sinclair.

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