April 9, 2009

Hurtles in the hallways: Weather woes for Washburn-Wilton track

By Danielle Abbott

When asked about the progression of the 2009 Washburn-Wilton track team, co-head varsity coaches George Levey and Shayla Sinclair were both frustrated. Luckily for them, that frustration extends only to the weather, and not to the team. "The good part is that the kids have really good attitudes. Even though it’s been really cold outside and we haven’t been able to get out much, they have really great attitudes about it and they have been ready to work," Sinclair said, "The frustrating part is the whole weather situation." Washburn is not the only school battling weather issues this spring, as the snow begins to melt and mud has taken over outdoor track facilities throughout the state. Levey said that the entire team has been outside to run at least several miles, but that all field events, including shot put, javelin and pole vaulting have been forced indoors. The team began practicing the first week in March, and though their practices have been a bit unconventional, the team is still planning for a successful year. The team currently consists of nearly 55 students, but even getting the entire team together has become a bit of a challenge. Sinclair explained that while some students travel from the Wilton school, transportation issues have become difficult with getting everyone in grades seven through 12 together for an organized practice.

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