January 3, 2019

Injuries stifle Miner victory

A fourth-quarter lead would slip away, taking the win with it, after Wilton-Wing’s lead player would go out of the game with a knee injury.
The Miners are adjusting to the loss of their frontman Tate Dickson, who is expected to be on the bench for the foreseeable future after being hurt in last week’s Mandan Holiday Tournament.
Dickson, who tallied five three pointers and 29 points total during the Dec. 28 game against Bottineau, was carried out in the fourth quarter after suffering a knee injury.
Dickson was the second player to be taken out of the game after being hurt on Friday, with Sutton Berg suffering an ankle injury.
Berg would be pulled out in the first quarter, during which the Miners finished down 15-18 against the Bottineau Braves.

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