January 24, 2018

Lady Miners edge out Center-Stanton

Wilton-Wing girls put an end to a two-quarter pattern of tying with Center-Stanton last week, stopping the Wildcats in their tracks to take a hard-fought win.
The two teams seemed to meet their match for the first half of Jan. 16’s Miner versus Wildcat game in Wilton, where a tie appeared on the scoreboard time and time again. The Miners found themselves playing on a loop with the Wildcats, with each basket matched by one from their opponent.
Coach Lisa Jenkins said the Miners went into the game knowing Center-Stanton would be a challenge, and that Wilton-Wing hurt itself a little when it came to keeping control of the ball.
“We have only been averaging 14.2 turnovers a game, so it was important to keep that number low,” Jenkins said. “We ended up with 17 turnovers, and that hurt us at times, and kept us from adding to our lead at times.”
Wilton-Wing squeaked by Center-Stanton in the first quarter, grabbing a two-point lead, but things would even back up before halftime. Going into the third quarter, the teams were tied at 27 a piece.
The Miners upped their offense to make a few extra successful trips to the basket, making up for a few free throws the Wildcats scooped up. But, throughout the game, defensive misteps and fouls plagued the home team.

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