September 24, 2014

Local teams drop district games in short week

By Adam Thomas
BHG News

It was the calm before the storm last week, with the core bulk of the volleyball schedule looming on the horizon, promising to fill almost every night of the week with a volleyball game somewhere in the county; but in a shortened week, Wilton-Wing and Washburn each had a single game on Tuesday against a district opponent.

The Miners took on the Underwood Comets, while the Cardinals faced off against the Turtle Lake-Mercer-McClusky Trojans.

The Miners and the Comets played under the lights of the BEK TV cameras in the Wilton High School Gym, but Underwood proved that they had that something extra at this point in the season, sweeping the Miners in straight sets.

Wilton-Wing was in the running for the first couple of sets before being overrun in the third.

Being tied 22-22, the Comets came out of a timeout to score three straight points to steal away the first set, and then a back-and-forth battle in the second set had both teams trading points from 18-18 all the way up to 25-25, but the Comets pulled out the needed back-to-back points to break the stalemate to win it 27-25.

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