June 26, 2013

Mental games overcome Post 12 in Omaha

By Michael Johnson, Editor

The trip to Omaha, Neb., proved to be a great learning experience for the Post 12 Legion baseball team as they spent last week playing games and watching some impressive college baseball. While they got to watch some great players and incredible games at the College World Series it seems the two games they played had the biggest effect on the team’s playing. In the first game, the team lost 3-2 to Illinois. This was a good team, but Washburn had the upper hand until the end, when the boys gave up two runs on errors. Assistant coach Dirk Hausauer said that the team let that game slip out of their fingers. The next two scheduled games for the team were canceled due to rain. A final game against a Sturgis team was one the boys don’t wish to speak of.

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