January 31, 2018

Miners bring home win

The Miner boys took a couple of road trips this past week, meeting the Comets and the Raiders on the court for a pair of away game victories.
Wilton-Wing took on a district competitor last week during a matchup in Underwood Friday against the Comets.
The Miners would knock out some twos in the first quarter to gain a small lead over the home team, which opened with a three-pointer and a couple twos of their own to catch up. Heading into the second quarter, Wilton-Wing would be up 10-7, but would face some pushback from Underwood.
The Comets would shut down the Miner offense for a few minutes, managing a few points to even up the score at 10 a piece. But the visitors would respond with some three-pointers that pushed the Miners ahead once again, with Underwood down 13-23 going into halftime.
Some three pointers of their own in the third quarter helped the Comets close the gap slightly, with Wilton-Wing ahead by only five when the fourth quarter started. Fouls against the Miners during the last eight minutes would keep the visitors out of Underwood’s reach, giving Wilton-Wing an eventual 48-40 victory.

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