March 5, 2009

Miners capture second in District 10, next stop Region V

Wilton-Wing finished out their regular season on top, placing them in the second seed for the District 10 tournament, which kicked off on Friday in Washburn. The Miners made their initial appearance at the tourney when they faced off against Max. It took the first quarter to work the kinks out of Wilton-Wing’s system, and after finishing out the first eight minutes behind 18-17, the Miners knew that they had to push their intensity and bust out of the gate. During the second quarter, their true talents began to shine through and head coach Brad Brekke said, "We started off slow but we did what we needed to." In a heavy scoring second quarter, Wilton-Wing finished out on top 41-28 and after grasping such a significant lead, they refused to give it back. They dominated once again the third quarter, gaining another 30 points to pull them ahead 71-35. The game was finished with a 75-52 victory for the Miners, who were led by senior Cole Bender, who accumulated 18 points. Bender was followed by Austin Dusek’s 13 points and 10 points by Lorin St. Claire and Dillon Loper. After beating out the number seven Max, Wilton-Wing continued to set their sights on Washburn. The rivals took to the floor on Saturday for what was a great match-up.

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