May 2, 2018

Miners, Cardinals each take a win

Each of the teams fell on their home field but took the away game during a pair of Miner versus Cardinal softball games this week.
Washburn and Wilton-Wing met on the field Saturday and Monday this week, with each team taking a loss and a win during the two regional counter games.
The Miners would kick off Saturday’s game in Washburn with a pair of runs in the first courtesy of Hayle Boechler and Lauren Koski. The Cardinals would take a pair of outs in the bottom of the second before Jenna Retterath made it home and made the score 2-1 Miners.
Sarah Selle would triple for Wilton-Wing early in the second, but a quick three outs would end the inning before the Miners could score again. Sophia Emel would score first for Washburn, with the Cardinals rounding up four more runs before the end of the inning, heading into the third up 6-2.
The Miners would play catch up in the third, with a double by Lauren Koski bringing Erin Thompson and Boechler home, and Lauren Koski scoring in the next play on a ground ball by Taryn Schurhamer. Schurhamer would make it home herself before the end of the inning, and after Washburn failed to score in the third, the teams would sit at a tie game, with six runs apiece.
Wilton-Wing would take another three runs in the fourth and secure a lead, only forfeiting one to Washburn as Jenna Retterath reached home again. The Miners would head into the fifth with a 9-7 lead.

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