February 28, 2018

Miners come from behind for win

The Turtle Lake-Mercer/McClusky Trojans have gone undefeated so far in District 10 all season, beating out each of their six competitors without fail. But, heading into Monday’s district championship, the Miners were determined to change that.
Wilton-Wing was fresh off of wins over Center-Stanton in round one and Garrison in round two when the team hit the court on Monday to square off against the Trojans. Head coach Brad Brekke said the team had proven it could play competitively when it came time for the game against TLMM, who beat the Miners in the regular season 70-57.
The Trojans would open up Monday’s championship with a couple of unanswered twos and a three pointer, taking a 7-0 lead early in the first. After a couple of minutes of struggle, the Miners would find the bucket and push back against TLMM. Wilton-Wing would round up a few baskets and briefly narrow the gap between the teams, but the Trojans stayed a few steps ahead, taking a 13-7 lead into the second.
TLMM would grab a three-pointer and a nine-point lead to start off the second quarter, but the Miners would hold them at 16 while they scored a few twos for themselves. Once again, the Trojans would pull away slightly, keeping just out of reach of Wilton-Wing. At the end of the first half, the Miners would be down 18-25.
The start of the second half would bring out a new Wilton-Wing team, who quickly started to chisel away at the Trojan lead.
“We mixed some things up against TLMM defensively and moved some guys around on offense during the game to try and get some opportunities for us,” Brekke said.

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