May 3, 2017

Miners come from behind for win

What started as a 7-0 blowout quickly turned into a vicious battle for the win between the Miners and Cardinals Saturday.
Washburn took a big bite out of their neighbors to the south early in their game this weekend, scoring a pair of runs in the first and only gaining speed from there. The Cardinals were knocked with a couple of outs heading into the bottom of the second, but held off the Miners to sneak in some runs before the last out was called.
In the single inning, Olivia Retterath, Lexi Kulzer and Mandy Schell would all steal home, and teammates Breah Philbrick and Ruth Vogle would each score a run of their own. The Miners would struggle to score and hit the top of the third sitting on a goose egg, seven runs behind.
But Wilton-Wing wasn’t done fighting, and started making their comeback with a hearty combination of hits and steals putting them at 2-7. A triple by Hayle Boechler opened the door for Lauren Koski and Erin Thompson to score, before Boechler also rounded the bases. Washburn failed to score, but held a narrow lead at the bottom of the third, with Wilton-Wing not far behind at 5-7.

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