September 16, 2010

Miners downed by undefeated Buccaneers

By Adam Thomas, BHG News Service

When you have a ship to right, sometimes you have to sail through rough waters to make it to calmer seas. For the Wilton-Wing Miner football team, that thought hit true as they had to take on an undefeated regional opponent in their game on Friday, the Beach Buccaneers. The Miners were unable to get anything moving in the first half during their trip to the Beach high school field and the Buccaneers took advantage of that fact to show why they have yet to lose a game this year, scoring all their points in the first half in the 8-40 loss for Wilton-Wing. The bad news came early for Wilton-Wing as Beach had their team prepped from the opening kickoff.  The Buccaneers put three touchdowns in the books in the first quarter, the first one running and two more though the air, converting on all their two point conversion opportunities.

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