March 14, 2018

Miners fourth in Region 5

A close round-one victory took Wilton-Wing to the Region 5 semi-finals, where the team duked it out with one of the Region’s top competitors.
The Miners came out with power early in their game against the Flasher Bulldogs March 6, each team vying for a spot in the Region 5 semifinal round. Wilton-Wing would hit some quick baskets to open up the scoreboard, returning again and again to secure a first-quarter lead.
“We just hit some shots early against Flasher and we came out pretty loose and that was good to see,” Miner head coach Brad Brekke said.
The Miners headed into the second quarter with a 14-5 lead, supported by a pair of threes in the first. Wilton-Wing would hit one more three and a few spare twos, but started to slow down gradually toward the end of the first half. Heading into the locker room, the Miners held a 25-19 lead over the Bulldogs.
Flasher would further chisel away at that lead in the third quarter, closing up the scoreboard and holding off Wilton-Wing scorers for all but a couple of free throws and one field goal. All the while, the Bulldogs made a quick sprint to even things out. When the final eight minutes started, the Miners held a single-point lead at 29-28.

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