February 5, 2009

Miners garner Coyote district win

By Brenda L. Shelkey

The Miner girls are not the team they were last year. It is evident in how they are playing this year. They have come a long way, honing their skills, finding their confidence, improving their win-loss record considerably. Their improvement has been slow, but steady. The girls added a notch to their belt this week, a 40-35 victory over the Sheridan County Coyotes in district play. "This was a huge win," said Head Coach Lisa Jenkins looking at the upcoming district tournament standings. "After Washburn and Underwood, it’s really anybody’s game. Going into districts, we have a legitimate shot at going to the regionals this year." Her concern is that her team won’t recognize that they are very capable of winning on a consistent basis. She said, "For them to understand how close we are and that we are not like last year…" Seeing the potential in the Miner girls has been enlightening. Trying to draw out the potential so the girls can see it for themselves has been a little more difficult for Jenkins. "In every single game, except maybe H-M-B, we have been in the game this year," said Jenkins. "The difference is that now we are learning how to win a little bit. The last two games, we showed ourselves that we could do it. We were eight points down against Center and we came back, hitting a shot with eight seconds left."

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