January 10, 2018

Miners hold off Cardinals

Wilton-Wing got an early lead and held on to the end during last week’s game against the Washburn Cardinals.
The Cardinals and Miners hit the court Jan. 2 to see who would come out on top in the District 10 rivalry game, hosted by Wilton-Wing. The host team snagged a quick 17 points in the first quarter, leaving Washburn down by eight early in the game. Miner head coach Brad Brekke said the boys played some of their best minutes in the first quarter, with some issues popping up later on.
“We got off to a decent start but we missed out on some opportunities, missed free throws, bad turnovers and other things,” Brekke said.
The Cardinals pushed to catch up in the second, managing to meet much of the Miner’s scoring and making several more baskets before halftime. Wilton-Wing would grab one more than their opponent and head into the locker room with a 31-23 lead.
The third quarter featured consistent scoring for both teams, matching each other point for point. Both teams roped 14 more points in the third, leaving the Cardinals with an eight-point deficit again going into the final eight minutes.
The fourth quarter was filled with back and forth action once again. The Miners and Cardinals each snagged some twos, and Washburn scored some threes, but neither team could pull away from the other. The rivals matched each other’s scoring and the point tallies stayed in sync to the end. With both teams scoring a final 16 points, Wilton-Wing had successfully held off their opponent and sealed in a 61-53 victory.

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