October 18, 2017

Miners outshine the Cardinals

Sports Writer
The Wilton Miners traveled to Washburn to play the Cardinals last Thursday. These rivals had duked it out earlier in the season, with the Wilton Miners coming up on top. Eager for a win, the Cardinals started off the game by receiving the first point of the first set with a tip by Kiara Strickland. This did not discourage the Miners, as they held their own throughout the set. Although Washburn began with an early lead, Wilton was able to hold on and tie the game 9-9. From that point on, the set was under the control of the Miners. A block by Sarah Selle brought the score to 18-15 with the Miners ahead. Communication errors by the Cardinals left them unable to regain the lead, and a block by Tara Binstock ended the set in favor of the Miners, who won 25-18.
The Cardinals weren’t ready to quit just yet, but they struggled to maintain the motivation necessary to start and finish the set out ahead. Washburn again started off with the first point due to a Wilton error. The Cardinals were able to make a four point lead against the Miners. This streak included a kill by Madelyn Jennings. However, the Miners quickly refocused and closed the gap. Two back to back kills by Sarah Selle brought the score to 15-13 with the Miners ahead. An ace by Tya Schiele helped the Miners regain their confidence and quickly end the set. Erin Thompson went on to finish the set for the Miners with a kill, bringing the final score to 25-14.

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