May 15, 2019

Miners shut out by Aggies

The Wilton-Wing Lady Miners hosted the Velva-Drake-Anamoose Aggies on May 9. A big second inning for the Aggies would rack up seven runs to seal the game early for the visitors.
Aggies would open up the game with a girl landing on first. She would steal second and then go for third but not make it home as three outs kept her at third base. The Lady Miners would also land runners on the bases but was not able to bring them home.
Things would turn around after a scoreless first inning as the Aggies came out strong in the second. A quick force out at first by the Miners would not deter the Aggies. A handful of walks would fill the bases and also lead to multiple runners coming home. A big hit to center outfield would be just out of reach for the Miner as the Aggies cash in three runs. The Aggies would score 7 runs before the Lady Miners were able to stop them.

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